Our activities

Immersed in the Valpolicella, Frantoio Guglielmi performs various activities related to oil, territory and culture of this tradition.

Quality products

Point to the sale of quality products taking care of the production chain therefore in all its phases. "Offering not just a bottle of oil but the creation of it!" (Quote by Alessandra Guglielmi)


Try to offer personalized services with respect to the different needs of customers.


To know the correct type of farming and olive production and storing oil, growers primarily intended to ensure the quality of the final product.


Spread the "culture of oil" (the area where the olive tree grows, the plant, the cycle production, the product) to three specific targets: children (from elementary to middle) students / industry specialists alike.


At our company trovere a small but complete exposure of all our products.


Frantoio Guglielmi regularly organizes cultural events, analysis and olive oil tasting in Valpolicella.